Lisa Black

Lisa Black is a native New Yorker with a background in environmental design and landscape architecture. Her studies at the State University of New York, Syracuse University, and Sydney’s National Art School collectively provided for a strong foundation in her diverse and creative expressions.
Since she was a child, Lisa has harboured a unique regard for the artistry of jewellery.  Her grandmother, a restaurateur in the fabled diamond district of Manhattan, would often accept jewels as payment during The Great Depression. This bartering resulted in a collection of antique jet, crystal and marcasite baubles so prevalent to that time in New York City. Years later, Lisa discovered a shoe-box full of her grandmother’s forgotten and broken treasures, which in turn sparked her inspiration to turn old into new, and fuelled her passion to design and create extraordinary and unique adornment.
It was the appreciation of these timeless treasures alongside Lisa’s experience in design, art, and architecture that motivated the establishment of Lisa Black Jewellery. With its inception, Lisa’s love of beauty and design is integrated in the creation of fine adornment.

Driven by a desire to marry old with new Lisa has travelled to the far reaches of the world in search of exotic material, to which she brings new life. Her magnificent jewellery incorporates these forsaken remnants, reviving ornament from a disappeared world. Her creations are outstanding for their informed attention to detail, fine craftsmanship, and the honouring of ornamental traditions throughout history.

“When I am designing, all my education, my love for iconic tribal elements, and my passion for adornment infuse my work with life and presence.”

Lisa currently lives and works from the stillness of her garden studio in Byron Bay, Australia.