Lisa Black Jewellery was created in 2005 for the design and construction of exceptional and unique fine jewellery. This standard remains a central ethos in the Lisa Black Jewellery Studio today.

Each item is individually hand-crafted, incorporating rare, exotic elements and original time worn treasures acquired from distant lands and tribal cultures. These extraordinary object are paired with fine gemstones and pearls selected with great care and deliberation.

Highlighting the historical significance of these rare and extraordinary items, our signature style and fine craftsmanship underscores the remarkable story around these forgotten artefacts.

Each design is inimitable, with age and rarity defining the limits of replication. Surface inconsistencies and irregularities are characteristic of age and use, and are given prominence in every unique piece.

The jewellery exhibited on our website is a curated, ever changing, selection of work produced by the Lisa Black Jewellery Studio, and is a representation only of each series and the extensive archival objects that are available.

Lisa Black Jewellery is handcrafted for the modern woman trekking the globe with dignity, grace and power.

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Lisa Black Jewellery studio accepts commissions and will collaborate in creating a design to your specification. Should you wish to incorporate a pre-existing object or stone we will facilitate where possible.

Please contact our studio directly to plan a commission: