Women Who Wear Black

'Women Who Wear Black' is a concept project initiated by Lisa Black Jewellery as tribute to the many amazing women who have inspired and influenced our creations and our world.

Conceived to encourage impassioned women from all walks of life who symbolise and represent the ethos of our brand. Powerful, intelligent, sophisticated and compassionate women; women with a strong sense of community and purpose; women who are committed to and advocates for other women and children in communities across the world.

Lisa Black Jewellery pledges 15% of proceeds from our ‘Women Who Wear Black’ soiree sales toward a cause selected by our host, or alternatively to a cause or project we have previously supported. Some of the organisations and projects we have supported in the past include : The Hunger Project – working to break the cycle of hunger and poverty by pioneering women-centred strategies; The Anganwadi Project – the building of pre-schools and community centres to support the women and children in Gujurat, India; Northern Rivers Community Foundation – promoting local services and innovative projects in our local community and Help Kids Like Nick – an organisation supporting children with Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome and their immediate families.

We seek to bring empathetic women together with common interests and a desire to support building communities for less advantaged women around the world. A place where we can collaborate to bring about positive change. These are the Women Who Wear Black.

We invite you, our peers, to reach out to us with ideas and expressions of interest in our work and in creating an event toward this end.

email— info@lisablackjewellery.com